Bandit XL-5: 1/10 Scale Electric Buggy TRA24054-1.. Traxxas Product #: TRA24054-1 Regular price: $229.95 $229.95 2 - 3 Days

Bandit XL-5: 1/10 Scale Electric Buggy

Price: $229.95

The Traxxas Bandit™ redefines traditional buggy performance by creating a whole new class of Extreme Sports Buggy™. Bandit offers the highest levels of speed, action, and fun that will easily make it one of your favorites for all kinds of R/C driving excitement. The lightweight Bandit chassis is loaded with an aggressive Titan® 12-Turn modified motor and a high-current XL-5 Electronic Speed Control that deliver lightning-fast acceleration and incredible 35+mph* performance. Pull the trigger and Bandit rips massive rooster tails, soars over giant jumps, and lays down the power for pure performance and excitement at every turn.