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Zeagle Halo

Designed for the serious recreational diver who is looking for a fully-featured BC. Includes OCTO-Z combination regulator and BC inflator.


Zeagle Covert

The lightest and most durable ultra-compact BC on the market Custom BC includes the OCTO-Z Combination regulator.


Zeagle Stiletto

A rugged BC for travel and local diving that doesn't compromise on features.


Zeagle Ranger

The industry standard for rugged design, versatility, and comfort. Our Zeagle Ranger is customized with a 65lb lift capacity bladder, Saddle Straps and the Zeagle OCTO-Z combination regulator and BC inflator.


Zeagle Zena

Designed by women for women for better balance and comfort. Our Zena BC comes is customized with the Zeagle OCTO-Z combination regulator/BC inflator.


Zeagle Onyx II

Easy breathing high performing dry sealed regulator