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Robin Hood 25 Balsa Plane Kit

Price: $134.95


  • Wingspan: 51"
  • Wing Area: 400 Sq. In.
  • Length (Airframe): 33"
  • Weight: 2.5-3.5 Pounds
  • Power: 200-250 Watt Motor, 60Amp ESC, 3S Lipo; or .25 Glow Engine
  • Radio: 3 or 4 Channel
  • Precision laser-cut ply and balsa wood construction
  • We include only name-brand USA hardware in our kits


The Robin Hood is a fun-scale version of the Curtiss Robin built back in the 1920s. Originally marketed through World Engines, this model retains all the good, clean looks of the original and the great flying characteristics that make a good sport airplane.

In the air, the Robin Hood 25 is a true barnstormer. Don't mistake this for a 3-D hovering machine and resist the urge to overpower it. The Robin Hood 25 is at it's best when cruising on a lazy afternoon or performing some gentle aerobatics. Also, no problems with mown-grass runway takeoffs and landings.

If you want to go truly old school, it can be built for simple 3-channel control (rudder, elevator, and throttle). For even more control, the included ailerons can be made fully functional (4-channel control).

The Robin Hood can be powered with either an electric or glow powerplant. We've designed the fuselage with a built-in hatch so you have quick access to either your batteries or fuel tank.

Struts were a necessity on the full-scale Curtiss Robin, but are optional for the Robin Hood 25. Instructions are included on how to implement them if you'd like to give your Robin Hood 25 a touch of old-school elegance.