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Mambo Wood Plane Kit

Price: $155.95


  • Wingspan: 44"
  • Wing Area: 365 Sq. In.
  • Length (Airframe): 39"
  • Weight (RTF): 2.5-3.5 Pounds
  • Power: .15-.30 Engine; or equivalent brushless motor, 3S LiPo
  • Radio: 4-Channel
  • Precision laser-cut ply and balsa wood construction
  • We include only name-brand USA hardware in our kits


The Mambo is different than any of our other kits in the fact that it's engineered from the get-go to be easy to build for the first time builder. Now don't confused this with a trainer model, but rather it's aimed at modelers who are bored with their RTF trainer, or maybe those who have been flying for years and are looking to build a kit for the first time.

Using precision, laser-cut, interlocking parts along with our unique WEB-LOCK construction and built-in alignment jigs, the Mambo can be built straight and true - using a minimum parts count and a minimum amount of fuss.

Included in each Mambo kit are full-sized rolled plans, a printed construction manual, pre-bent main gear, and a premium hardware package. Also included is a clear, pre-formed plastic canopy.

Power can be from either electric or glow. Also, we've designed it to readily accept the powerplant, radio and other accessories from several popular RTF trainers, such as Horizon's Apprentice S and 15E. Simply remove their motor, ESC, and radio from that kit and it can easily be used with our Mambo.

This all-around sport model's retro design looks great in the air and makes you look like an ace pilot. Loop it, roll it, spin it, snap it, and just have a great time flying it.