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Javelin Wood Plane Kit

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  • Wingspan: 60"
  • Wing Area: 710 Sq. In.
  • Length (Airframe): 49"
  • Weight (RTF): 4.5-6 Pounds
  • Power: .25-.51 Engine; or Equivalent brushless motor, 4S LiPo
  • Radio: 4-Channel
  • Precision laser-cut ply and balsa wood construction
  • We include only name-brand USA hardware in our kits


Imagine an easy-to-build kit that has outstanding high-speed performance as well as dependable low speed stability. Now imagine it in a great looking design and you've just described our Javelin.

Bolt on a .25-sized engine and enjoy gentle flying and barnstorming. Max it out with a .51-sized engine and tear up the skies with high-performance aerobatics.

The Javelin utilizes a first for Old School Model Works kits - a built-up main gear box. This is extremely strong, yet lightweight at the same time.

The extra large cabin area gives you easy access to install most any brands of radio and control linkages.

Up front, we've designed in a large hatch that covers the spacious battery/tank compartment. This area will easily handle larger 4S packs and 12 ounce tanks.