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Comet Wood Plane Kit

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  • Wingspan: 39.5"
  • Wing Area: 470 Sq. In.
  • Length (Airframe): 32"
  • Weight: 3-3.5 Pounds
  • Power: 25-sized Brushless Motor, 60Amp ESC, 3S Lipo; or .19-.30 Glow Engine
  • Radio: 4-Channel (Elevon Mixing)
  • Precision laser-cut ply and balsa wood construction
  • We include only name-brand USA hardware in our kits


Our Comet captures all of the Jet-Age looks and excitement of the sleek 1950s design it's based on.

With the included jigs, this delta wing can easily be built by those with experience in constructing built-up kits. Please note that this is NOT a beginner's kit - it requires building and flying experience to be successful.

Flying the Comet is a blast. It is not overly quick and has pleasing flight characteristics that make it fun to fly. Even at low speeds it is well behaved and has no surprising tendencies.

The Comet can be powered with either an electric or glow powerplant. We've designed the fuselage with built-in hatches so you have quick access to your batteries, fuel, and radio system.